Writing is a fascinating occupation whether you're writing for your own enjoyment or with the intention of getting published. In either case, it's always best to write as well as you can, to learn to make your writing as professional as possible. You don't want your work littered with mistakes or difficult to follow; so learning the fundamental principles of writing, whether fiction or non-fiction will stand you in good stead.

My newly revised book, Become a Writer is now available in Kindle and as a paperback. Thirty years' experience rolled into 270 pages!
I currently rin writing workshops on the second Tuesday of the month in Nuneaton. I also do online tuition for adults and young writers. Email me if you are interested in joining.

It can be difficult to see your own mistakes when you're working on a story. When time allows I will do manuscript critiques which will be honest and constructive.
Please feel free to email me regarding costs for this service if you need advice with your manuscript.

Writing can be a difficult business at times. Not knowing if your writing is good, bad or indifferent. Not knowing how to improve your skills, constantly worrying whether you're getting it right or making mistake after mistake. Dejected by rejections but unsure how to improve on your stories and articles.
Possibly the whole publishing world seems alien and terrifying, making you too afraid to risk sending work out. Perhaps you don't know where or how to send your stories. Then there's that age old question, do I need an agent?
Maybe you are considering writing an ebook but aren't sure how to go about it. Or perhaps you just want to write and need guidance on how to begin.
If you are struggling with your writing for any reason, please do get in touch. I run a Writer's Surgery where you can book a one-to-one consultation.
Consultations can take place in Coventry or Nuneaton, the cost is pounds 20 per hour for a one-to-one discussion and appraisal on your writing difficulties. Consultations could also be arranged via email or telephone for those living further afield, so please email me in the first instance.

Make time to write and write. Don't wait for inspiration.

Keep notebooks to jot down ideas.

Never be satisfied with your first draft. Hone and polish your work until it shines.

Remember to give your characters skills and flaws, and something which they fear.

Establish the conflict, emotional, physical or both.

Make every word of dialogue count. Let it be there for a reason.

Leaving off writing halfway through a sentence will enable you to get back into the flow easier when you start again.

Read your work aloud and listen for the euphony of every sentence.